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Care and maintenance


Melteca quality laminated panels are a versatile pre-decorated panel with a durable melamine surface on both sides. For interior use only, Melteca is available in a range of decors, on a choice of substrates, sizes and thicknesses.


Care instructions: Melteca quality laminated panels and Melteca Clipwall 

Never use any of the following abrasive cleaners: Jif, Ajax, Chemico, Brasso, oven cleaners, neat Janola, wire wool, scourer pads, sandpaper.



A soft cloth should always be used, apply cleaning products to the cloth rather than directly onto the product.

Wash down with warm water with a small amount of detergent. For best results use streak free glass cleaner with a soft cloth.

For textured finishes (Pearl, Puregrain and Woodgrain) the periodic use of a soft brush may be necessary for the removal of dirt build-ups and residues left by some spray on cleaners.



Hair rinse, Janola (neat) Harpic, oven cleaners wash with hot soapy water, then wipe dry.

Fabric dye wash with cold water, then wipe dry. Then apply methylated spirits and wipe dry.

Battery acid, hydrogen peroxide, glue hardners wash with cold water, then wipe dry.

Hair dye wash with methylated spirits, then wipe dry.

Leather dye wash with methylated spirits, then wipe dry. Follow with mineral turpentine, wash and wipe dry.


Stain and Mark Removal
Stubborn marks or stains apply Handy Andy or diluted Janola (1 part to 3 parts water), then wipe down with a warm damp cloth.

Smearing, finger marks, marking from cold or hot dishes, stickness apply 1 or 2 applications of acetone (available at pharmacies) and wipe over with dry cloth.

Newsprint use methylated spirits or mineral turpentine.

Rust use vinegar or lemon juice.

Pencil use water and a damp cloth.

Felt pen or dry marker - use methylated spirits or acetone.

Paint use acetone or Duco Lacquer thinners (from a paint shop).

Glue – contact type use Ados Solvent N (from a paint shop).


Once again with any of the above use streak free glass cleaner to remove any residues. 


Melteca care and maintenance instructions


Care instructions: Melteca Hi-Gloss

A wipe over with a clean soft damp cloth should be sufficient to keep the decorative surface clean. Soiled surfaces or light stains are removed with warm soapy water or with common detergent such as Mr Muscle Glass cleaner or a bathroom cleaner that doesn’t contain abrasive, strongly acidic or alkaline ingredients.


If wipe marks are noticeable on the Hi-Gloss panel, it is generally due to greasy residue being moved around as a result of the cleaning process. To remove; methylated spirits may be used or Mr Muscle glass cleaner. It is recommended to do a final wash down with soapy water and a dry clean cloth to remove any residue and restore the appearance. Alternative commercial cleaning products are available. Laminex New Zealand does not supply these products. It is important that these products are not applied to the raw substrate, it is only to be used on the melamine decorative surface. The customer needs to adhere to the relevant supplier MSDS for these products.



Wipe off all food and drink spills immediately.

Never use abrasive cleaners or powders, abrasive pads or steel wool.

To avoid scratching or marking the gloss surface make sure the cleaning cloth does not contain any hard or foreign particles.


Melteca Hi-Gloss panels should not remain in contact with hypochlorite bleach, caustic solutions, hydrogen peroxide solution in any concentrations, mineral acid, sodium bisulphate, potassium permanganate in any concentrations, berry juice, silver nitrate (1% concentration), gentian violet in any concentration, mild silver protein, laundry blue dye or iodine solution. 


Care instructions: Purecoat by Melteca

Regular cleaning requires only a wipe down with warm soapy water, follow up with dry cloth. 

Never use any of the following abrasive cleaners: Jif, Ajax, Chemico, Brasso, Mr Muscle, oven cleaners, neat Janola, wire wool, scourer pads, sandpaper.


Common household detergents can be used in conjunction with the instructions provided. A soft cloth should always be used. Do not use scouring pads or abrasive cloths or cleaners (e.g. steel wool) as these can damage the surface. Cleaning solutions are to be immediately rinsed from the surface after wiping with water.

The following must not be used:

Strong acid/alkali solutions including but not limited to: caustic soda/oven cleaner/NaOH, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid.

Abrasive materials including but not limited to: abrasive creams (Jif, Brasso, toothpaste), scouring pads (even if marked non abrasive), steelwool, hog/hard nylon bristled brushes, sand paper.

Concentrated solvents including but not limited to: Methyl ethyl ketone/MEK, cleaning solvents at greater than 10% concentration (e.g. meths, turpentine, kerosene).

The removal of dust from the surface can be easily achieved with the use of an electrostatic dusting cloth (e.g. Johnson’s Pledge Grabā€it).